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Weekly Market Overview (videos)

Currency rates fluctuations and price dynamics of other assets essentially depend on economic and political life in countries, industries and multinational corporations. Political, economic and financial news directly or indirectly affect the price dynamics. The refore, regular monitoring of international news, publications of macro-statistic reports help in Forex and CFD trading.
Every week you have an opportunity to watch market overview on major world events with estimates of their influence on financial markets.

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Weekly Economic Outlook | 27. Feb - 3 March

More signs for the next moves!

We can determine the central banks' following possible decisions with the varied data we will have this week. US Consumer Confidence...


Weekly Economic Outlook | 20-24 February

Uncertainty is the most certain thing

Uncertainty is the most certain thing seen in the financial markets these days. Economic data and outlook, inflation numbers,...


Weekly Economic Outlook, 13-17 February

Light, but very important!

We will have a light week, but our little data will be essential. As I mentioned in the monthly outlook, in February market will be driven...


Weekly Economic Outlook, 6-10 February

Pace after the previous week's storm

We had challenging days last week, and now it is time to see the market reaction. However, we still have many other economic...


Weekly Economic outlook, 30 Jan - 3 Feb.

Central banks and nothing else!

We can expect volatile global markets in the week that Fed, ECB, and BoE have policy meetings and interest rate decisions while earnings...

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