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FAQ for Partners

Why is our partnership program better than other similar programs in the network?
Commissions we pay are one of the highest in the industry, reaching 83% of the spread and 15 USD from a complete turnover of 100 000 units of the trading instrument. By becoming a partner with IFC Markets you get high quality service from an international Forex broker. The Company carries a Professional Indemnity Insurance from Hamilton Group's Syndicate 4000, a 100% Lloyd's syndicate.
Only with us you can provide your clients with a revolutionary product PCI (Personal Composite Instrument), having no analogs in the world and giving an opportunity to create limitless number of personal trading instruments. Your clients will take an advantage in trading due to the availability of unique instruments, the opportunity to choose a trading platform and professional support from our consultants.
Should I start trading myself if I have become the Partner of IFC Markets?
To become the company Partner you do not need to trade, but you should open a real account in NetTradeX platform for the accrual of monthly commissions.
However, knowing online trading technologies and how financial markets operate will be a great advantage for you while attracting clients.
How do I get my commission?
Your commission is formed from your clients' trading volumes. The more deals your clients make, the more you earn. Your commissions are accrued on your special account, from which you can withdraw your money anytime you wish.
How is my commission formed?
You earn your commission from your clients' trading volumes. You can earn 10-15$ for a complete turnover (opening and closing of the position) of 100 000 units of the base asset (1 standard lot).
For more details you can see here.
How can I attract clients having my own website or blog?
By becoming IFC Markets partner you receive different banners, financial widgets, referral links, etc. for free to place them on your internet resource. The more people visit the site www.ifcmarkets.com by following them, open accounts and start trading, the more your profit will be.
Can I become IFC Markets Partner if I do not have my own site, blog, etc.?
Yes, you can. There are numerous free sites in the network, where you can place information about us. We will provide you with free advertising materials (banners, financial widgets, referral links, etc.) for attracting clients. The more people visit the site www.ifcmarkets.com by following them, open real accounts and start trading, the more your profit will be. Our specialists are ready to assist you if you have any question concerning the promotion in Internet.
You can also promote our financial services out of the Internet, expanding the information about us among interested clients.
What kind of marketing materials do you provide?
Referral links – by following them we identify your client and he falls under your control group.
You will get your profit as long as your client trades. Banners, logos and advertising texts – all our materials will be adapted under your resource including sizes, colours, the language and so on.
What is a referral link?
It is a special link by which we track your clients.
Can I use other advertising materials apart from those provided by IFC Markets?
You use the advertising materials which the company provides. Any other kind of advertising materials must be approved in a written form by your manager.
Who are Sub - Partners?
They are the partners, attracted by you. The Partnership program of IFC Markets has a two-level structure of commission payments.
When my commission will be credited to my account?
The commissions earned for all deals made by your clients during the previous month will be credited to your NetTradeX account before the 10th day of each month.
How much shall I earn?
Your profit completely depends on your activity. You will receive 10$ for each standard lot, opened and closed by your clients. But that’s not all – with the increase of your activity in attracting clients, the amount of commission that was paid to you may increase up to 15$. Thus, the amount of commission may reach up to 83% of spread.Yet, that’s not all, as well – you will earn a commission of 5$ for each deal with the volume of 1 standard lot, made by the clients that your SubIB has attracted.
Where can I see my commission?
When you make a Partnership agreement you open a special account on our platform NetTradeX, where you can see the amount of your profit.
How can I withdraw my money?
You can request by any method convenient for you. You can see more on how to withdraw money here. No additional commissions are charged from you while withdrawing.
What is the payment schedule for commission rewards?
The calculation and accrual of commission charge is performed before the 10th of each month, following the settlement month.

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